As we are just opening the online shop we don't have any frequently asked questions.  When we do we will add them.

Questions we asked ourselves in building the site.

Why have an online shop?

MacFarlane's wanted to offer the ability to shop and pay for items without needing to spend time in the shop.  This we have done.  You now only have to pop in and collect you shopping.  If you can't come yourself you can provide anyone with your order information and they can collect on your behalf.

Christmas 2020

With social distancing in mind the shop does not have the capacity to serve all the customers we have seen in previous years.  By ordering in advance pick up times will be faster and more customers can be attended too in Christmas Week.

The world is a very fast changing place right now and access to shops or product could be interrupted at any time.  By ordering on line well in advance of Christmas, you will be securing the items you want to have this year.  Buy early, secure the products, feel confident of having items for Christmas and avoid discovering items out of stock  in Christmas week.